Automatization ensures continuous updating on big concern sites

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In Short

Automatization reduces complexity

TV2 is one of the largest Danish TV stations that produce content such as TV, radio, podcasts, news articles, etc.

Every day, TV2 produces a large amount of digital content that is distributed across different concern sites aimed at various target groups. In order to minimise operational costs and manual maintenance, they have developed a new digital platform that can handle the complexities through technical integrations, automatization, and user management.

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“TV2’s web solution is a strong example of how Combine and TV2 manage to take full advantage of many of Umbraco’s strengths. The solution demonstrates the use of Umbraco’s baseline technology, Umbraco Cloud, advanced user management, integration options, and large flexibility for the editors."

Jacob Midtgaard-Olesen CTO, Umbraco

Contents of Collaboration

  • Umbraco CMS
  • Umbraco Cloud
  • API
  • Baseline Technology
  • Front End

The Challenge

At TV2, journalists and communication employees create a large amount of content every day. This content is publicised on various concern sites. The content must be available for TV2’s viewers and a long row of external actors, who need to access the content that has not yet been made accessible to the public. There are big requirements in relation to updating, accessibility, and flexibility.

The former solution was based on manual workflows, which were time- and resource-consuming. Therefore, TV2, in collaboration with Combine, developed a new digital platform based on the newest technology. The solution requires less manual work and maintenance, and it allows for greater autonomy when creating new concern sites. This is a great addition in terms of economy and resources for TV2.

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Technical Setup

Icon Umbraco Cms

Umbraco CMS and Umbraco Cloud

It is built on Umbraco CMS based on Umbraco Cloud.

Icon Booking


Allows for in-depth integration into third-party systems.

Icon Ux

Front End

Focus on flexibility for editors and on advanced management of user rights.


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