Were you digitalised when the pandemic hit?

Covid will not be the last time that we are hit with a global crisis. Therefore, there needs to be a digital transition put in place by all businesses. Despite the crisis, it is now that you need to invest in the digital future of your company.

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The Corona crisis has highlighted how some digital transformations are not sufficient enough in Denmark. Furthermore, digital initiatives have not been compatible with the global market.

In Denmark, most small and medium-sized companies have gone through some sort of digital transformation within the last few years. They have automated many of their processes and developed digital strategies for internal and external communication with customers and business partners. However, for many companies, the Covid-pandemic has created a need for innovation when it comes to these digital strategies. Workflows and communication methods have not been sufficient in this new situation that our country is facing.

Physical stores have suddenly had an urgent need for creating a webshop in order to survive during lockdowns. For others, it has become clear that they need to change their form of digital communication among employees and in meetings with business partners in order to ensure better results and less stress next time a crisis of this magnitude hits. We have to assume that this will not be the last time, we need quick adjustments to workflows.

For most companies in Denmark, there is a ‘Before the Covid-pandemic' and an ‘After the Covid-pandemic'. These days, many company managers will consciously prepare for another digital transformation. It makes the most sense to invest money in the future of the business during a time of crisis.

It would be risky to assume that this is the last time that Denmark will be part of and affected by a similar global crisis. It is not just global pandemics that will demand a quick adjustment from companies as smaller crises can demand the same. In recent times, we have experienced both economic and political crises that have undercut businesses. Therefore, Danish companies must become better and quicker at adjusting to new situations.

One of the best tools for this is an increased focus on digital strategy:

  • Internal and external communication must be more manageable and easily accessible for all employees.
  • A physical store should not be the customers' only option for buying your product – there must be an online option.
  • You have to offer different ways of obtaining your products – no matter if they are finished or half-finished menus as takeaway in your restaurant or if you, as a merchant, offer to pack the customers’ groceries in order to speed up the pick-up process.

Every transformation of a company is an expensive process. No matter if it is a transformation in production, marketing, or digital presence and communication ways. However, for most companies, it will be worth it in the end due to many different reasons.

By investing in the proper transformation of your business and increasing digitalisation, you can save the employees’ time, and therefore the company’s finances. You can also reach a better audience for your projects and thereby earn more money. Both parts will ensure a better bottom line for you and your company. Over time, it will be worth the investment, and the expense will transform into a financial gain.