Combine welcomes seven new partners

As part of Combine’s new strategic direction, the company has established a partnership model, where multiple employees enter as partners.

De Nye Partnere Final

During the last couple of years, Combine has undergone a transformation – from a digital bureau to a consultancy firm focusing on digitalisation. The transformation is a result of a new strategic direction where Combine takes on its identity as a consultancy firm, with our approach to business and technology being insight- and design-driven.

A significant element in the new strategic direction is the establishment of a new partnership model, where multiple employees enter as partners of Combine.

As a partner of Combine, the employees will – besides being owners – get a role where they are e.g., involved in strategic work, business operation, and culture development.

The CEO, Lars Bojer Kanstrup, explains the partnership model as follows:

The future of the workplace is focused on culture, influence, and the space for development. We wish to be a part of this tendency. Therefore, we have chosen to establish a partnership model with a strong focus on incorporating employees.

Our model differentiates itself from a traditional partner model by inviting people with different skill sets into the decision-making processes at Combine. Through this anchoring and ownership, it allows us to develop and strengthen both the individual employee and their field of business.

It is important for us to ensure that Combine can, also in the future, meet the employees’ expectations for their working life and the workplace.

In May 2022, seven employees at Combine became partners and are a great addition to the other owners; Simon Brøndum Jensen and Lars Bojer Kanstrup.

The seven new partners are:

  • Anders Jensen
  • Christian Hjulmand
  • Emil Bonnerup
  • Jakob Munk
  • Jonas Haldrup Nielsen
  • Martin Vennevold
  • Nichlas Sauer Storgaard

Congratulations and welcome aboard!