A design concept that allows room for a digital platform

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In Short

A user-centred design concept

The creation of Zenajours new digital platform is based on the need to simplify the operation of smaller businesses. Zenajours is a company that helps other companies become organised and efficient in their internal communication.

In order to ensure a great user experience, they have developed a user-centred design concept focusing on navigation and scalability. They can now get into this market with an intuitive and contemporary user interface.

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“If a Saas project, like Zenajour, is to succeed in such a competitive market, it is necessary for the platform to meet and exceed the users' expectations. Therefore, we needed to build a user interface that is contemporary and in tune with the current trends and tendencies. Simultaneously, it must support the needs and workflows of our target group.”

Ander Hoffgaard Sales Manager, Zenajour

Contents of Collaboration

  • UI and Design
  • User Experience
  • Bootstrap

The Challenge

Project management, annual wheel, CRM, calendar, and intranet all in one solution. This is the main thought behind Zenajours new digital platform. A technical platform was constructed but the design and the user interface were a challenge. Therefore, Combine became part of the process.

Based on an effective and involved design process, Zenajour has developed a user-centred design that conceptualises the business idea.

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